Proud Supporter of the      Aviation Explorer Base:

The Aviation Explorer Base, located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is the place where Explorers and Advisors gather each year to learn about aviation and volunteer for AirVenture. AirVenture is the largest airshow in the world!

Explorers and Advisors volunteer in several different area of the convention including Hombuilt Aircraft Parking, Flightline Ops and Flightline Saftey. Extensive safety briefings are given to all volunteers, then jump into action! They help push/park Airplanes, keep crowd control at taxi intersections and perform ground control functions on the taxiways.

Explorers and Advisors camp outdoors. There are three meals per day served out of the camp kitchen. Under the expert direction of the kitchen staff, each Explorer Post serves one day of the week on kitchen duty preparing the meals for the rest of the camp.

The camp is staffed by a group of volunteers (mostly former Explorers) who provide training, aviation expertise, fun programming and food service expertise.    


We had a virtual meeting on 6/8/16 and discussed the 2016 camp. Please view this recorded video if you missed the meeting by clicking here.



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